DeLuca Calls for Performance Audit of Illinois State Police’s Crime Lab in Wake of Case Backlog

November 28th, 2018

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. – In response to an evidence processing backlog at the Illinois State Police’s (ISP) Division of Forensic Services, state Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, is backing a performance audit that will review current lab procedures and provide recommendations to improve the lab’s effectiveness.

 “With DNA testing for rape kits and other cases sometimes taking more than a year to be processed, our state’s crime lab appears to be understaffed and inefficient,” DeLuca said. “When we are unable to process evidence in a timely manner, we are failing to give prosecutors the tools they need to take criminals off the street as quick as possible. Right now we’re failing survivors, and that needs to change.”

DeLuca is supporting House Joint Resolution 140, which calls for a performance audit of ISP’s Division of Forensic Services equipment, procedures and staffing levels. The goal of the DeLuca-backed joint resolution is to identify inefficiencies and other problems in the Forensics Division and provide insight as to how to improve turnaround time on DNA testing on evidence from violent crimes. Presently, the lab takes months, sometimes over a year, to complete evidence testing.

 “The longer that law enforcement has to wait for evidence, the longer that survivors of violence have to wait for justice or closure,” DeLuca said. “I am hopeful that this audit will give us direction on how to effectively solve this backlog problem, and will ensure we never face this situation again.”

DeLuca Highlights Safety at Railroad Crossings in Chicago Heights

May 18th, 2018

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. – State Rep. Anthony Deluca, D-Chicago Heights, has been working with local officials to reduce the number of accidents and injuries that occur the railroad crossing on 17th street, in-between Hasted Street and End Avenue.

“A public safety issue like this is a priority issue for me,” Deluca said. “From 2012-2016 this one location has had over 30 accidents and 6 injuries occurred.”

The main concern is that though the railroad crossing in question is located on a side street, it sees large numbers of foot traffic coming from a nearby senior home as well as young children who have to use the crossing to get to school and back. Deluca has taken action by reaching out to Illinois Transportation Secretary Blackthorn to request $250,000 in emergency funding to immediately start the building safety improvements at, and around the crossing. This construction project is projected to cost $600,000, which the City of Chicago Heights expects to cover.

“For a project this size, myself and my office are coordinating with the Mayor and City Council of Chicago Heights,” Deluca said. “Because the safety of our children and seniors are of the utmost importance to everyone involved.”


DeLuca-backed Bill to Cap Excessive Tolls Passes House

May 9th, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A bill supported by state Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, that lowers the amount of money the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority can charge towed trailers and medium trucks at toll booths passed out of the House.

“This bill is a matter of fairness to people traveling our tollways, DeLuca said, “Because the average fully loaded semi does far more damage to our roadways than a car-trailer combination, the amounts charged at the tolls should reflect that.”

DeLuca co-sponsored and voted to pass House Bill 1620, which caps the tolls that can be charged to vehicle-trailer combinations traveling on Illinois highways. This is because, in many cases, passenger vehicles hauling trailers are charged the same as trucks hauling trailers due to the amount of axels of the car-trailer combinations. The bill takes into account the amount of axels but will cap the tolls if the vehicle is a passenger car towing a trailer.

“Many of our residents enjoy taking a camper, ATV or bike ride to the various parks and trails in Illinois, and they should not be nickeled and dimed on the way to and from their destination,” DeLuca said. “I’m proud to have helped pass this bill to protect drivers from excessive tolls.”

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