Cost of Local Government

Press Release

DeLuca Backs Plan to Reduce Local Government Costs, Update Notice Publication Rules

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Wanting to modernize and lower the cost of local government posting requirements, state Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, is backing a proposal that would move publication requirements from newspapers to online.

“This is a commonsense way we can streamline local costs, ensure transparency and continue to take steps to curb property taxes,” DeLuca said. “Municipalities are unnecessarily spending a significant amount of taxpayer money still fulfilling statutorily-mandated newspaper posting requirements. We’re overdue to update how we handle these notices.”

DeLuca is cosponsoring House Bill 3154, which would allow municipalities to provide required notices on a website instead of a newspaper – as long as the website provides independent certification of publication and is searchable. To ensure transparency, if an individual is unable to access the online publication of a notice, the issuing municipality will provide them a copy of the notice free of charge.

“It’s important that notices continue to be easily accessible to residents, and this proposal ensures that,” DeLuca said. “If we want to lower property taxes for homeowners, we have to take a comprehensive approach that reviews municipal costs line by line. This update is an opportunity we should take advantage of.”