Forward-Looking DeLuca Pays Huge Dividends

May 7th, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. State Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, is leading the discussion shedding light on the positive financial impacts gaming expansion is having for communities.

During my time as Mayor of Chicago Heights, I successfully led negotiations for my hometown to be selected as one of ten communities to receive annual portions of gaming revenue generated from the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, DeLuca stated. Since 2011, the City of Des Plaines has annually sent Chicago Heights dollars totaling over $10.5 million due to this agreement, DeLuca continued.

DeLuca also emphasized that while this agreement with the City of Des Plaines is a significant financial boost for Chicago Heights, it was illegal for small business owners and fraternal organizations to have video gambling in their establishment prior to 2012. Since the recent change in law, many small business owners and organizations in Chicago Heights have now installed video gambling machines resulting in over $750,000 in additional revenue for the city.

Chicago Heights has secured a whopping $11.3 million in revenue from gambling sources that otherwise wouldnt be available for the police & fire departments, roads, and other vital services all while helping to ease the burden of property taxes. I will continue to explore creative ways in which we can help our municipalities across Illinois generate much needed additional revenue, DeLuca said.


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