News from State Rep Anthony DeLuca


Dear valued constituent,


As your voice in Springfield, my most important responsibility is to fight for families in my district.  Although we face a budget impasse and a serious fiscal crisis here in Illinois, know that I am fully committed to working with my colleagues to ensure we pass a responsible full year budget.  While budget negotiations are ongoing, I continue to sponsor legislation that will benefit my district, while opposing measures that could harm us.  The information below provides a brief update on a few pending bills. Thank you for your continued help and support.


Governor’s State University is currently lacking the necessary funds to address their plumbing infrastructure issues.  GSU has experienced repeated pipe failures and even the closing of the entire campus in fall 2015. GSU has conducted an extensive evaluation of the plumbing systems and are in dire need of replacement.  Without conducting the necessary repair, GSU could face more serious infrastructure issues in the future.  I am sponsoring HB2586 which is an initiative of GSU to address the plumbing issues by appropriating the $5.7 million needed to complete the work.  HB2586 is waiting to be heard in the Appropriations- Higher Education Committee.


Illinois statute does not currently require school buses to have a lap restraint or seat belt installed for passengers.  For those of us who have experienced a vehicle crash, we understand the importance of using a seat belt.  I’m sponsoring HB2374 which would require all school buses manufactured and purchased in Illinois beginning January 2019 to be equipped with a lap belt.  In an effort to be sensitive to potential new costs, my legislation does not require older buses to be retrofitted, and HB2374 does not become effective until January 2019. HB2374 is waiting to be heard in the Transportation: Vehicle & Safety Committee.


Juveniles who have previously been charged for the use or possession of a firearm are frequently given probation by the courts for subsequent offenses.  I’m sponsoring HB487 which would prohibit courts from offering minors a sentence of probation endless times for repeat offenses when a firearm is used or possessed.  We should not continue to blindly return gun offenders to the streets when we are in the midst of a devastating epidemic of gun crimes.  When a minor uses or possesses a firearm, the courts may offer probation for a first offense.  However, if the minor continues to offend with a firearm after the courts previously offered probation, probation should not be an option again. HB487 is waiting to be heard in the Judiciary – Criminal Committee.


I support House Bill 387, which will decrease the filing fees for limited liability companies, LLC’s.  Not only will H B 387 reduce filing fees, it sends a message to the business community that Illinois is taking action to become a more business friendly state.  Although reducing LLC filing fees is not a historic initiative for attracting and retaining job creators, it will p lace business on a more level playing field with competitors.



With the knowledge that healthy people today can easily appear on the organ transplant waiting list tomorrow, I voted yes on HB1805, which allows those 16 years of age and older, rather than 18 years of age and older, the opportunity to have his or her name included in the organ donor registry.  Currently, more than 5,000 sick Illinoisan s go to sleep every night hoping tomorrow they will receive a call saying the organ they desperately need is available for transport.  In my district, we have people with heart disease that need new hearts and people on dialysis that need new kidneys.  Reducing the age a person can become an organ donor will increase the opportunity for an organ to be available for a loved one.  HB1805 passed the house and now moves to the senate for further consideration.  Want more information on the organ donor registry?  Go to Illinois/organ-donor.php


Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable day!

Illinois 80th District includes portions of:
Townships: Bloom, Crete, Florence, Frankfort, Green Garden, Manhattan, Monee, New Lenox, Peotone, Rich, and Wilton
Municipalities: Chicago Heights, Flossmoor, Frankfort, Glenwood, Hazel Crest, Homewood, Manhattan, Matteson, Mokena, Monee, New Lenox, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Richton Park, South Chicago Heights, Steger, Symerton University Park, and Wilmington
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