Ensuring Local Government Receives Their Share of Dollars
For years Representative  DeLuca has been fighting to protect the municipal share of state revenues.  House Bill 961 requires that the State Comptroller transfer state-shared income tax revenue to the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) within 60 days after the amount has been certified by the State Treasurer.  This makes sure municipalities and counties receive their LGDF distributions more punctually, which will help municipalities fund their operational costs.  House Bill 961 passed and is now Public Act 98-1052.  Effective 8-26-14.

Protecting Against Online Predators
The sexual exploitation of children is a serious problem with profound and devastating consequences for its victims. Legislation supported by Representative DeLuca provides law enforcement with additional means to pursue child pornographers.

House Bill 2670 removes the statute of limitations for the prosecution of those who film, videotape, photograph, or use a computer to depict a child under 18 years of age or a severely or profoundly mentally retarded person engaging in sexual acts. Such acts will be considered crimes of violence and eligible for harsher punishment. In addition, parents or legal guardians will be permitted to testify about the impact the crime had on their children.

Protecting Domestic Violence Victims
Representative DeLuca supports a new law, Public Act 95-0773, which establishes the Domestic Violence Surveillance Program. Offenders who violate an order of protection could be ordered to wear a GPS tracking device while on bail, as a condition of their probation, or upon release from custody.

Standing Up For Seniors
Representative DeLuca supports programs that help seniors to stay in their own homes, but when they make the decision with their families to choose an assisted living or retirement facility, they shouldn’t have to worry about being safe.

To protect older adults in nursing homes from criminals, DeLuca supports a new law, Public Act 95-0079, which requires criminal background checks for employees who provide direct care to seniors in assisted living and shared home facilities.

Looking Out For Veterans
Representative DeLuca backed legislation that passed the General Assembly, Senate Bill 2046, to encourage employers to hire veterans who served in Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, or Iraqi Freedom, by providing a 10% tax credit (up to $1,200) on the wages paid to veterans.

Cleaning Up State Government
In the wake of scandals in the administrations of former Governors George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich, the General Assembly worked in 2009 to pass a sweeping set of government reform bills – the most comprehensive and far reaching ethics overhaul in state history. Representative DeLuca supported measures that:

  1. Strengthen the state’s Freedom of Information Act to make it easier for citizens and journalists to gain access to government documents
  2. Impose reforms on the state procurement system to prevent pay-to-play politics that rip off taxpayers
  3. Overhaul the operations of the state pension systems to protect taxpayers and retirees and prevent scams
  4. Make it harder for legislators to approve their own pay increases, block 3% cost-of-living salary increases for elected officials, and require lawmakers to take 12 unpaid furlough days to balance the budget
  5. Broaden the state Ethics Act to protect whistle blowers, impose tougher revolving-door prohibitions, and create tougher disclosure requirements for lobbyists
  6. Allow voters to recall the governor in the middle of a term

In addition, a new law that went into effect on January 1, 2009 bans political contributions by those with contracts greater than $50,000 to the constitutional officer who awarded the contract. Coupled with other reforms passed, this law drives a stake through the heart of the pay-to-play apparatus constructed by former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

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